Regen Dairy

The Regen Dairy project will define what regenerative dairy looks like – from the bottom up, and throughout dairy supply chains.

Our shared goal is to engage dairy farmers and food businesses around a practical vision for a productive and profitable global dairy sector that also restores its relationship with nature. While our vision will be global, our solutions will be local, reflecting the difference between farm systems and national climates.

The Regen Dairy project has been set up by FAI Farms and Farmwel in collaboration with a number of global food companies, including Unilever, Barry Callebaut, Arla Foods, Woolworth South Africa and Ben & Jerry’s.

‘Regenerative dairy can help rebalance Earth’s ecosystems, while producing high quality nutrition, and making farming and food businesses more resilient.’


What will it take to build a new dairy system that regenerates nature , actively working to reverse global warming and biodiversity degradation

Regenerative agriculture can help to restore balance in nature by reducing global warming, and rebuilding biodiversity, soil health and the water cycle at landscape level. This project will put a spotlight on practices that are delivering regenerative outcomes on dairy farms around the world today.

The best way to mitigate dairy’s global warming impact is to take a whole-systems approach and reintegrate farming practices with nature. By focusing on soil health, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and storage and water management, the dairy sector will be able to continue to produce high quality nutrition and improve profitability.

WEBINAR – Regen Dairy round-the-world tour

This is a recording of the Regen Dairy round-the-world tour webinar, which took place on 5th October 2022. We were thrilled to host this opportunity to circumnavigate the globe with four very different regen dairy farmers, all of whom are quite exceptional in their own way.

Our panellists were:

  • Blake Alexandre a fourth generation dairy farmer from Alexandre Family Farm near Crescent City, California, USA. Richard Park from Sizergh Farm, near Kendal in the UK.
  • Mark Anderson a fifth generation farmer from South Otago, New Zealand.
  • And Annabelle Gérard a first generation dairy farmer from Lower Saxony in Germany.
  • The webinar was hosted by ffinlo Costain.
Dairy Cows - Regen Dairy

“We face two great crises in nature: global warming and biodiversity loss. We must urgently address agriculture’s impact, but we also have to produce diverse and nutritious food to nourish a growing global population. For global dairy to make the transition we need global collaboration. That is why we invite other partners to join and take a seat at the table”

Øistein Thorsen – Chief Executive, FAI Farms


Move around the world map and click on the markers to see examples of global regenerative dairy projects

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Regen Dairy

“Our future nutritional security depends on the capacity of global brands to plan and deliver new, profitable and successful models of food production. This means trusting and empowering farmers to protect their communities and rebalance their farms so that they can work successfully in partnership with nature.”

ffinlo Costain – Chief Executive, Farmwel

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