A short, freely available course has been developed for farmers by farmers & researchers working towards regenerative dairy systems.

Who is the course for and what is it about?

  • The course is designed for farmers who are curious to find out more about what regenerative agriculture means in the context of dairy farming
  • The course looks at regenerative dairy in a global context and utilises farmer experiences and their personal journeys to provide practical training
  • It covers the basic principles of regenerative farming which are combined with real-life examples from dairy farmers globally as well as tips on how to observe and measure change and the opportunities and challenges of transitioning
Mark Anderson

“Regen dairy…It’s knowledge intensive, not resource intensive.”

Mark Anderson
NZ Dairy Farmer

We’d like to thank all farmers involved for their time, insights, and support.

Lucy and Jonathan Mayer
Dan Burdett
Dan Burdett
Sophie & Dai Wilson
Tom & Sophie Gregory
Richard Park
Rachel Short